Shutting for the holiday period


As you close your dental surgery for the holiday period don’t forget to carry out these essential last-minute infection prevention and control safety checks.

  1. Dental chair and cart/delivery system: remove handpieces and 3-in-1 tips; flush, dry and wipe down the water lines, and clean down all surfaces including base of chair.
  2. Suction: remove salivary ejector and suction tip, flush suction lines, clean surface/bowls/manifolds, and change filters.
  3. Water: empty the water distillation unit, clean and dry all water storage bottles, place these empty in a cool place (preferably in a fridge).
  4. Counter tops: clear all items off the counter tops, store these over the holiday period in a dust-free clean area such as a cupboard, wipe clean all surfaces of counter tops, drawer and cupboard handles.
  5. Waste: remove and replace clinical and general waste bags, seal and tag/label, store in a rodent-free secure area.
  6. Consumables: restock all items in preparation for reopening after the holiday period.
  7. Electrical equipment: switch off all electrical equipment especially pressure vessels such as autoclaves and dental compressors.
  8. Office equipment: log off the computer, turn off screen, wipe down the key board, wipe down the phone, and tidy the desk/administration area. Ensure all items which can be switched off are not on stand-by over the holiday period.

Allow extra time on the first day back at work to open-up the surgery and carry out the necessary checks and tests to start operating in a safe manner.

Happy Christmas, chat again in the New Year.