World Hand Hygiene Day


World Hand Hygiene Day Sunday 5th May is a timely reminder that good hand hygiene is critical to reducing infectious disease transmission for both dental team members and patients.

Why not get your team together for five minutes to quickly revise basic principles of hand hygiene:

  1. Gloves do not replace the need for hand hygiene;
  2. Preform hand hygiene before putting on and immediately after removing gloves;
  3. Maintain short nails, no nail varnish, remove jewellery including rings and wristwatches, and practice personal hand care;
  4. Choose hand gel instead of soap where practical;
  5. Hand hygiene sinks should be clearly designated and used only for hand hygiene;
  6. Let your patients see you preforming hand hygiene;
  7. Facilitate hand hygiene for your patients with hand alcohol gel dispensers in your reception / waiting area.

Adherence to good hand hygiene benefits everyone. is a helpful HSE webpage packed with background science, training resources and common sense.