Dental Compliance supports dentists by carrying out on-site practice assessments and providing solutions that are practical and effective to compliance issues.

Our comprehensive selection of programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual practice.

What you need

Our programmes are comprehensive onsite inspections. These reviews and analyses of your current dental policies and procedures are carried out in complete confidence. We match our findings against current regulations and your legal obligations. Our report provides a line by line response, mapping in detail what you are doing correctly and identifying the risks to your practice.

Each practice is unique

Each report is tailored to your practice specific requirements. Our report will be your action plan demonstrating workable solutions for today, tomorrow and the foreseeable future. It may also be used as evidence of your compliance commitment to a Regulator protecting your business and professional reputation should you be subject to an inspection.

All of our programmes include:

  • Pre-visit phone/online planning session

  • Day-long practice inspection visit

  • Inspector-style assessment by Dental Compliance‚Äôs specialist team

  • Verbal debriefing with you at the conclusion of our practice visit

  • Comprehensive written report with findings scored against current regulations

  • Written report details your practice procedures vis a vis your regulatory requirements

  • Our findings ensure you get a unique practice specific action-plan

  • Advisory session with your action-plan implementation (60 minutes online)

Follow on training

Sessions for you and your staff can be added on request.

Our Programmes

Advisory Programme

Radiation Protection

Infection Prevention and Control

Dental Practice Administration and Governance

Be proactive today, protect your practice for tomorrow and the foreseeable future

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