GDPR ONE YEAR ON – Dental Practice reminders & tips

GDPR (general data protection regulation)
  1. In dental practices, everyone from owners, associates, visiting specialists and staff should be briefed on the methods of securing personal information. This should include signing off on a training record that they have had such a briefing.
  2. Printers and fax machines should not be kept on reception desk counter tops, where items printed can be read by people speaking to the receptionists.
  3. When speaking with a patient, ask them to confirm to you their various details instead of reading out what you have to them. This can apply equally if on the telephone or dealing with them in person. Their voice travels towards you while your voice carries outwards and can transmit to other people. At some point of course, more personal details will necessarily end up being discussed, but you will have made the best effort to reduce any risk.
  4. Computer lock functions should be used when a PC is left for any period of time.
  5. Don’t leave full details of appointments on public display either PC or typed list.
  6. In a surgery, if your computer displays patient lists and records other than the person you are treating, ensure you don’t leave the surgery without ensuring such screens are minimised, or some other member of staff remains in the room. for small business guidance (<10 employees)