Do you still need an RPA?.


With the changes to the Radiation Legislation earlier this year much confusion has arisen as to whether or not practices still require the services of a Radiation Protection Adviser.

This confusion is very understandable especially as it centres around a terminology/wording change in S.I. No 30 of 2019

Do you still need an RPA?

* Yes – but it’s now the case that you don’t need to hold a contract with an RPA;

* Yes – you are required by law to consult with an RPA on a list of items set out in the EPA’s Code of Practice

* Yes – you are required by law to undertake a biennial (at least every 24 months) Quality Assurance QA of your x-ray equipment along with consulting with your RPA to update your Risk Assessment and other specified documentation.

This a short version of what the new EPA legislation means for the person who was formerly the x-ray “licence” holder.

I haven’t yet mentioned what HIQA require from you by way of a Medical Physics Expert (MPE) services.

*Yes – this differs from an RPA

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