X-ray Licence Holders Must Legally Comply by 08 April 2019

HIQA (Health Information and Quality Authority) wrote to each dental x-ray licence holder regarding a significant change in the regulation of medical exposure to ionising radiation (S.I. No. 256 of 2018) which took effect on 08 January 2019.
Dental Compliance Ltd recommends that licence holders (known in the regulations as “undertaking”) promptly familiarise themselves with the detail of HIQA’s letter. Each undertaking must declare their existence to HIQA on or before the date, fixed by the regulations of 8th April 2019.
Dental Compliance advises it would be prudent for dentists to review their ionising radiation documentary evidence of compliance. This includes radiation audit folders, staff radiation training records, and radiation operating procedures.
In addition, those making x-ray exposures should remember the legal requirements for Justification, Optimisation (ALARA) and Interpretation.
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Dental Compliance – let’s begin!
5 essentials tips:

  1. Codes: Know which codes and guidance document are relevant.
  2. Evidence: documentary evidence e.g. policy/statement of practice compliance, standard operating protocols, check-lists / simple audit tools
  3. Governance: evidence that staff are aware of the operating procedures and practice governance structure
  4. Training: evidence that team members receive regular in-house refreshers on practice procedures.
  5. Location: known to dental team members, where documentary evidence is ready for inspection.
Being dental compliant is having a systematic set of written procedures which are consistently followed in your practice to ensure that your statutory obligations are being met.
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Update on HIQA Infection Prevention and Control National Standards


“National Standards for infection prevention and control in the community services” were developed around providing care in a clean and safe environment and prescribing antimicrobial medication in a safe manner.
HIQA identifies 4 core infection prevention and control risk management measures

  1. Good hand hygiene
  2. Infection prevention and control training for dental staff
  3. Ensuring dental equipment is clean
  4. Ensuring the dental practice environment is clean.

Dental Compliance advises that dental practices where services are provided on behalf of the HSE should be familiar with HIQA’s recently-published National Standards (Sept 2018) click here.
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